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Celestial Bodies - No time like the Present

We are connected through one of the following, art, faith, family, or friendship. Maybe you’re also a collector – and I extend a special acknowledgement that you’ve been part of the tapestry of Providence that has kept me, and my family going, thank and bless you.

I’m going to explore with you my recently completed painting series, Celestial Bodies. I will feature 3 paintings per newsletter until I display the group. They are mixed media utilizing oils, acrylics, and watercolors. While hopefully this sharing is becoming a regular feature, I’ll be working on my first book.

The book will be linking faith, art, and healing. It will chronicle my own journey of wellness as I exorcise the infirmity known as Parkinson’s Disease, which I was diagnosed with in 2020.

Now for the paintings…

The Seventh Wave

The Seventh Wave is 13” x 18” oil on board and is available as the original or print. The inspiration for this work speaks to the value of watching, waiting and knowing when to make your move. The title is a phrase surfers use when counting the swells with the belief that the seventh wave will be the one worth waiting for. This discipline is one worth applying in life, watching, waiting, and knowing when it is your moment.

Alpha and Omega (Beginning and End)

The Alpha and Omega is a 48” x 60” oil on board and is available as and the original or print. The inspiration is the theme of the origin of Life and the transition of its finale. There is both implosion and explosion. This high energy snap-shot painting is an attempt to give the viewer a startling glimpse of the life giving and taking breath of God.


Aurora is a 36” x 48” oil on board. It is available as the original and in print format. The inspiration for this painting is the Glory of the celestial realm of Heaven. It is the hope that we share as we anticipate the dawn of each day. There will be a dawning of Heaven one beautiful day.


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