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Guarding the Garden of your Heart

A poem for you.

Guarding The Tree of Life Within

In the Paradise of God, I’ve been restored.

It cost everything.

And now I can embrace what was meant for me.

The Tree of Life has been transplanted to my heart.

The soil has been turned with love.

The hollow I dug is filled with living water.

The roots are quenched, and new life begins.

Invaders assail as any move of wholeness is fought.

Poisons are poured out, but alignment with Providence is protection.

Even the gales attempt breaking, but the Spirit binds the wounds.

Prune Vinedresser, for only the choicest will nourish.

It’s time, the song of harvest is being sung.

Multitudes are malnourished and cry in hunger.

The leaves for healing and fruit for restoration.


Guarding the Garden of your Heart

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who conquers I will grant to eat of the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.”

Matthew 11:15 ESV

To the one who conquers! Keeping what is destructive, (weeds), out of the garden of your heart is a battleground. Any serious gardener will attest to this fight. There are multiple layers of reward for fighting this “good fight”.

Planting, the very faith-action of planting exercises the principle of sowing and reaping. This gesture is one that can be considered worship!

You make the choice for the soil content of your heart. Knowing full well there are many false nutrients, that through synthetic formulas that are produced with residues that are transferred into the fruit.

You make the choice for hydration, what are you irrigating your heart soil with?

Are you weeding? What action are you taking toward invasive aggressors that are out of alignment with your vision and your calling? At the very least create a perimeter that halts their desire to steal, kill, and destroy!

Pruning, are you allowing the choice fruit to develop, versus having over abundance, too much and not enough time to mature the harvest?

Are you designing sunlight to penetrate, prioritize, and balancing your exposure to the light? The light is as important as the soil and the water.

The reward is the “Tree of Life”. This tree is designed to be rooted at the center of your heart and is a symbol of Jesus. The fruit are the life sustaining gifts he yields year-round, patience, wisdom, protection, kindness, service, strength, purpose, and provision. Even the leaves are medicinal for the “healing of the nations”. And as is most often the case, he, Jesus, wants us to be harvesting and distributing this produce. He’s still in the business of feeding the multitudes, only now he works through us.


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