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"Good vs Evil" by Tomas J Fernandez

50% of Good vs Evil's sale proceeds go to helping

a nonprofit associated with helping

the indigenous tribes of America with COVID Relief.

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The Visual Art of Tomas J Fernandez




Non-representational expression, both in the 2d and 3d is a catalyst to have your body, mind, and spirit touched, invited, and propelled where you least expect. My charge - I'm offering glimpses into the mystic."


The Modern Sculptural Work of Tomas J Fernandez

Sculptor of Light

"Composing with light means, that what I'm not sculpting materially is equally as significant as how I construct around the openess. The emptiness filled with light speaks to the viewer's spirit without words: A transcendent exchange."



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Born in Washington, D.C., on December of 1955 Tomas was raised in a home that was an eclectic mixture of Spanish and Irish culture.

As a young man, he traveled Europe and the Americas seeking and finding inspiration, mentorship, and education in the arts. Studying with legendary artists Reginald Pollack and Jacob Kainen. 

Mr. Fernandez’s ability to transcend his medium is profound as he sculpts each canvas with vibrant colors and textures. His works have traveled the globe, finding their way into a multitude of collections both public and private, including the Presidential Library, schools, churches, abbeys, retreat centers, and more.

Throughout the years, Mr. Fernandez has been featured in television, radio, newspaper, and magazines for his community projects as well as his monumental sculptures and paintings.

Each painting is a dance of contemplative emotion. “Many times it is not until the final movements that I understand the many layers that have comprised the orchestration of the work.” Tomas reaches with his paintings to touch the abstract nature of that deeply personal spiritual journey within each of us that is always searching. Within the many layers of light and color, there awaits a gem to be discovered.

Mr. Fernandez's work can be found in the Presidential Library of Ronald Regan, the private collection of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and esteemed laser inventor Gordon Gould: as well as many other private collections around the world. 



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