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Forging Hot Iron



Christian Life Coaching


Hi, my name is Tomas J Fernandez, 

together with my wonderful partner in life Suzanne, we're here to be a part of your journey.

Life's hardships don't discriminate, they often leave brutal and everlasting edges and dents... these experiences forge us into who we are but do not need to define who we are.

In has been my experience, as a blacksmith and artist that faith is required in order to see what can be shaped out of a piece of metal. 

Whatever your connection to God may by, we believe that together we can find new harmony from the fires of the past and reforge our lives into one of happiness and joy through faith, work and fellowship. 

who we are

Tomas J Fernandez

The Creative Director and Co-Founder of Hope Through Arts, Tomas's vision is for art to bring people closer together and closer to God.


Through his rich history in the world of Christian Art and Ministry, he offers life coaching, art education and art services through his studio.

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Suzanne Ouimet

Creative Designer and Co-Founder of Hope Through Arts. Suzanne Ouimet is a storyteller, artist and life coach, hailing from the town of Guelph Canada, with a diverse background in costume design, painting, photography, writing and creative design.



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