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Arise My Beloved

Arise My Beloved

Sojourning together into Kingdom Romance


Believing the impossible

To start this story let’s break up the word that stopped me for years, a mountain of a word and reference to the God of the impossible – I am Possible! … without Jesus none of this new life would have come into being … He called me with the same command he gave Lazarus – “Come Forth”. I was dead and bound. He directed a woman 500 miles away, named Suzanne, to be an agent for Heaven. She would become this angel and through her the divine gifts of healing, and restoration would bless me mightedly.

This journal also demonstrates the immenseness of God’s multi-faceted ministry that moves like a lighthouse searching and rescuing the lost and wounded. Suzanne was as much in need as myself and under the direction of the Heart of God this is the story of our miracle.

This is a message of hope that involves multiple creative art forms, our tears of woundedness washing clean horrible cancers of the heart and happy tears of wordless awe as the God of Love brings two hearts together in an ordained path of everything Love should be and the surprises only God can intervene with.

This story is to provoke everyone to ask, believe, and know God is always faithful. If you’re broken ask for healing and restoration. If you’re having joy, ask for more, he saves the best wine for last – drink deeply. Everyone’s story is unique, God’s creativity can never be duplicated!

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