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The Presentation

Chapter one

The presentation

Did I disconnect from my subscriptions to dating apps based on the word I heard from the Lord? No, I wish I had, it would have saved me money and heartache, but my faith was weak, I mean, I might have imagined all that, right?

My dream girl, (or so I thought), appeared in one of my dating apps, she was listed as someone who had been to my page, but she didn’t actually, “contact me”, but I was desperate enough to blur the lines. She lived in Mexico and I spoke Spanish, she is Christian, and her profile said she wanted to paint, perfect fit, I thought. We exchanged a few short texts once a day. But, and there is always a but, God’s plan was about to engage. About that same time, I applied and joined a prophetic artist group on Facebook, as I always considered my work in this genre. My application was accepted, and I submitted the sculpture that was my entree into the world of Evangelistic Art, Crux Gloria, (Latin – Glorious Cross)

For the story of Crux Gloria

I was excited to share in this group of like-minded artists! Well I got many acknowledgments from the group, but only one with a question attached, “did I make smaller versions”, the one in the picture is a monumental 33 feet high? “Like a pendant”? Signed Suzanne

Excerpts from our first exchange…

Insert pictures of crosses

Cross Pendants and table top crosses

Hi Suzanne, yes, I do sell them. I have small pendants, pewter or sterling silver and I make hand-forged tabletop sculptures as well. Let me know if you're interested.

I am so in love with your work, very inspiring. I am a Christian artist and love working in multimedia. I am looking forward to delving into seeing more of your work. Very refreshing.

Suzanne’s words had something woven in them by the Lord and I would soon begin to see what and who he was “presenting”

Meanwhile, I was continuing to pursue the lady from Mexico and applying my creativity to see how this might work out given the geographic challenges. Finally, I persuaded this hesitant potential partner to have an audio-only call. She had sent several photos, but you can’t be too careful.

Movement manifested when she said she was taking a trip to Quebec to visit a friend. I had the notion to have her stop in on her way back so we could meet. She was showing interest, as was I, and we launched into our 1st and only call. It was awkward when normally I love chattering on, in my second language. She outlined her strategy regarding her retirement and the responsibilities she had. I painted a portrait of my responsibilities.

Meanwhile Suzanne sends an inquiry about my status: I personally remember her saying, “I hope you don’t mind me asking a personal question? I was wondering if you are single? I get the feeling you are, because otherwise this late at night you would be snuggling your wife and not talking to me.”


I seemed to remember when I said this something electric happened with Tomas and I picked up on this surge of passion right away. It is so hard to explain I knew I fell for him at that moment, I liked his spirit. I was attracted and this aroused his curiosity. I felt it in every response, I loved what I was reading. The Lord shot a shooting star in my lap the first night. There was an electrical current turned on and so was I. I really needed to know more. So, the next morning I was completely stirred up. I gathered my sweater, put on my shoes, leashed up my little dachshund Slinky and off we went for our walk. My heart was calling me from the confinements of lonely isolation where I had been alone for a period of 7 years, without a hint of romance anywhere. A light of hope had fallen, like a star that I had wished upon so many times before when I had offered my heartfelt prayers to the Lord. My heart was stirred and awake, I tossed and turned all night, it was cute to find out Tomas was tossing and turning as well, feelings were mutual as we rode the high seas of sparked romance. The morning light illuminated my bedroom. As I awakened to a new day, everything in me was wondering? Were the tender mercies of the lord new for me this day? So, I needed to know! Was romance on the horizon? Was there a cause to have hope? I was filled with So many questions I needed answers, I really needed to know. As soon as I was outside, I went straight into prayer, desperate and determined. I earnestly pressed in. My prayer probably sounded something like this: God what is going on? Is there something going on here? Was there something in this man I can value as a treasure for me? Lord is this from you? Could this really, really be your will for me? As soon as I had released my prayer to God, my answer came as quick as lightning, within my next breath it seemed, and within a heartbeat, I looked up and immediately, the answer was there shining so brightly for me to see. Exactly and precisely to where my eyes gazed, a large airplane, lit up, shining brightly, reflecting the

morning sun. It had long trailing streams of white exhaust. Immediately I recognized the connection to Tomas’ painting he had posted.

There it was, the cross with trailing rays of light. I had just recently joined a Christian prophetic art group and was enjoying looking at other artists works. I had spent the last year doing everything to move more into my gifting. So, I was enjoying making comments on other people's works. This is exactly how my connection with Tomas got started. I will never forget it. I was settling into bed like any other night. I had already slipped into my nightgown and had brushed my teeth and washed my face and was turning off the overhead light and just about to climb into bed when I turned on my laptop to check a few emails from the day and if there were any messages from perhaps my mother. Then it happened suddenly like a shooting star a notification bell went off. I looked, and it was a friend request from someone on messenger, a person that I didn't know, and it gave me the choice to decline. I looked more carefully, and I recognized the painting right away! I knew I wanted to accept this request and I did. I will also add it was the best decision I ever made. Confirmation from the Lord came immediately; it was like he didn’t even waste a moment in answering my prayer. So romantic and creative did my answer come from my creator. In the full light of day, my heart was illuminated as I gazed in amazement full of wonder as my answer shone from heaven, so clearly connected to Tomas’ painting.

The one I had commented on. He liked my comment. This painting is so important its existence was the open door, through the cross this guiding light was our connection that God used to capture our hearts. So brilliantly bright light now illuminates my darkness I felt assured, there was no cause to stumble. For my path was now lit. This was destiny, created in the heavens for us, God's signature rested across the heavenly blue, which expanded in his love for both Tomas and me. Before we were born, he had a plan, a gift and a surprise where his love made a way. A true collision course, to capture and rescue the broken hearts of two people, who were weakened and bruised in spirit, where our lamps had grown dim. A place where we were ready and willing to depart from this world. His hand was not short, our wick, he would not extinguish. Our love story was written in the stars for such a time as this.

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