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The Owl and Pussycat Part 1

Thank you, Tomas. I have so many great ideas, I need time and money to get going in art full-time. Please keep me in your prayers. God has blessed you so much. Yes, it is close to being finished, mostly must solidify it structurally. I would consider having giclee prints made of the image if, or mostly likely when, this gets into a show. I have many soulful ideas for a huge show; mostly large pieces, all Christian in meaning.

That is why I want to have a museum of the Holy Spirit’s work, Suzanne, because the outlets are so few. And then there is the sad fact the most Christians do not buy or support their own.

I’m very interested, Tomas, please explain more about your vision. I’m a multimedia artist and am all about showing my love of God through art.

Suzanne, that's awesome that you are interested! I'm going to be in a music video with one of my sculptures, “Heaven’s Gate". A Praise and Worship composer-friend, Glyn Michael Hall, is doing the music. The sculpture was worked on for 13 months! I’m thinking a music video using a faith sculpture has the potential to be shared without someone having to own the art.

(Many months later Tomas’ work was completed. Please find a link to the video here.

Tomas, here are my thoughts on your Artwork...

Heaven’s Gate” is a Masterpiece! Darling, you have presented a magnificent treasure as if coming from the throne room of heaven itself. This is a true and exquisite treasure the world is so blessed to have and see. I am so grateful for the team effort of friends you have surrounding you that makes your Sculpture stand out in the light and honor it deserves.

This is the love of the father at its best, for he wishes that none should perish. The passion in his heart is a fiery love beyond any other. For we were all created in his image. Yeshua is the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us. It is so perfect you see him with his sword. His Word is all powerful and a sword. God knows every hidden and secret way, even our very thoughts and intentions; this is the fear of God. Psalm 139:23 reads “Search me, O God and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts and see if there is any wicked way in me and lead me in the way of everlasting.”

The Lord God is our creator, He and the Son are one in the power of the Holy Spirit. The father, son, and Holy Ghost are 3 made 1; a wondrous mystery of how we are all a precious gem, a facet of his love, for we were all created in his image. We were created in the darkness, hidden in the matrix of our mother's womb, a mystery of wonder, and the crown of his creation. We are all an extension of his great love. The sculpted little newborn child in your work is a lovely vulnerable extension of his greatest love for us as He, himself, came into the world as a little baby, helpless in the lowly estate of a manger to save all mankind from their many sins to take the palace and be the propitiation of our punishment on himself so we would not have to. He loves each one of us so much, that he made a way back for us to have a divine relationship in him with God. Because his perfect blood washes and sanctifies us, we are clean, and can stand before God. For without clean hands and a pure heart, no one shall see God. We are thankful that he made a way, as not one human being could have never attained. God had to die and suffer for us. His love is so intimately magnificent that death could not hold him. To believe in him is to accept him into your heart as Lord and Savior, and is the most valuable step anyone can ever take. It is here we are born again, where we become a new creation in him.

This art is a wonderful example of his all-powerful, Holy, magnificent, relentless love. He wishes that no one should perish, not even one. It is a fearful thing to fall into the living hands of God. You delicately placed the sculpted baby in his powerful hands. It is very moving. For it is written that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. How beautifully you have captured this truth so mighty and majestic, and so intimately fragile and perfect is his finest masterpiece of his creation which is all of mankind. Every living human being was first fashioned by him, we are all an extension of his love.

The music and lighting that accompanies your creativity is a pleasing and beautiful example of how when we come together and share our talents, we can become an even greater extension of his beautiful and powerful love. This Artwork masterfully exhibits the beauty of unity in the spirt of love at its finest. It transports us and draws us into the very courts of Heaven.

Tomas, I thank God that he has brought me close to be with you. Our hearts are in the right place. When you first met me, I was off in Toronto, Canada doing my first protest. I was helping to protect innocent children from the dangers and the predators that this world selfishly and ignorantly takes no serious notice of. For, how can they? The God of this world has blinded them. So, just as our Savior Jesus was hung on the cross, in his weakest and most painful state, he still cried out, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” He was not from this world, but he stepped down from heaven for you and me. He made a way to ransom us back to himself because he did not want to live in heaven without us. From the very beginning he created us to have a relationship with God. No matter what we have done or what has happened, his love for us is still the same.

I pray your Art is seen all around the world and turns many hearts back to the Father of all creation. Well done, my darling, well done. I love your heart and know that I have come to know you better. You are such a good father. It really touches my heart how much you care. You have beautiful and creative children; a wonderful extension of you. This brings tears to my eyes. I am so blessed to be part of your heart and love. Thank you, Daddy God.

Tomas, I would like to share a testimony that is very powerful. It really shows the creative work of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Carter Conlon is becoming one of my favorites. He’s Canadian, like me, but he preaches in New York City. Here’s a link to his testimony.

Tomas, now I would like to share something else. My video debut is a difficult story but one that needs to be told:

I met the most inspiring and lovely couple, whose names I am not at liberty to disclose. In fondness of a classic children's story The Owl and The Pussy Cat by Edward Lear that they both helped my son to read, these characters shall become their names. The woman, Pussy Cat, had dual citizenship, being both Canadian and British, and Owl was an English man who had lived his whole life there. Their love for each other was beyond precious to me and to many other's no doubt; they were a true inspiration.

The day I had come to know of them, a real light of hope had dawned in my world. I know we are not supposed to have favorites, but I could not help it. They were adorable beyond measure and I grew to love them most ardently. You see, God used them to fill every place of bareness in my life. My childhood was not privileged, as some people are so blessed to have. I was separated from my parents from an early age. I really believe it was God’s way of protecting me, though regardless, at the time it was painful. I know now, it was for my good, for God most definitely had a plan.

Owl and Pussy Cat were a gift from God. Through them he was healing the barren wasteland of my life. My heart was being touched and healed through two of the most beautiful, gracious people I have ever known. There's was a lovely love song that was springing up from the heart of God, for me. He brought me to an oasis where I could drink deeply, and deeply I did. Through this precious pair of lovebirds God was giving me a vision and hope for my own life. My former life, where I was treated like yesterday's news, became like a distant shadow; new light had come. I had entered a season of refreshment and joy. From the moment I came to know of Owl and Pussy Cat, a love song was being placed in my heart. I was being drawn out of darkness and was being transferred into a world of beauty, light, and elegance. These blessings made me rich, were filling my heart, and rejoicing was taking hold of me. Poetry entered the gates of my heart, as we spent hours reading beautiful literature.

Sometimes Pussy Cat would share from her treasure chest, some of her love letters from her true love, Owl, who was periodically detained in England. At these times she thought Owl was away on safari. When Owl found out, we laughed together, for the creativity of her imagination was charmingly funny. Up until this point of my life, I had not seen true love. I never knew if it really existed. Though rare, it truly does exist, for I found it in their loving relationship, and it inspired me to have hope in life.

It truly is because of them, that my life changed for the better. I started to transform, I blossomed in their presence as they truly brought out the best in me. It was their example of genuine love and kindness that drew me into the lovely world they shared together. I enjoyed watching how they were together. I can't think of anything more romantic than seeing two elderly people in love. They were so gentile, so full of love, and their presence carried it like the sweetest and rarest perfume of peace and joy on a beautiful sunny day. They always lingered fondly in my heart. While with them, reading, drawing, and painting came so naturally, as they were well versed in the arts. The fire of my creative gifting was coming alive. Pussy Cat also introduced me to the world of opera, and I grew to love it. Looking back, I know it was my destiny to meet them. God brought them into my life as angels to teach me about love. The scripture that sits right with me concerning them is found in Heb 13:2. It reads Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

To the praise and glory of God, the strange thing was that Pussy Cat’s mother brought her up to not believe in God. I had to give my head a shake. This was so far from the truth and yet it stumped me because I failed to find this kind of love in Christianity, at least from where I am from. The Owl and The Pussy Cat became like a light guiding me back to the path of love in ways my heart had longed for and always needed to know. I could grow into the destiny God had waiting for me.

The good news is, no matter what the enemy has planned for our hurts, God has promised to turn everything for my good. Good always overcomes evil!

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