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Passover Glory

Passover Glory -

Imagine a rescue from your worst nightmare, where God himself leads you out of your crisis! In the Hebrew story the Jewish people had become slaves to the Egyptians. Once upon a time, a favored ally, but now an abused shell of a nation.

We can fall into despair as well, favored and now trapped. This very relatable oppression was the inspiration for this painting. Does God still lead people out of dire conditions? He does!

His Promise says, “All things are possible for him who believes, and God is a rewarder of the person the earnestly seeks him – without faith it is impossible to please God. Dare to believe – call out!

Thank you for your support so these images of hope can be seen in your homes, offices, churches, and synagogues. Prints and the original are available.

An original poem –

Passover Glory in the darkest night

Despair finds its way in when nobody is looking

Never through the entrance gates

Never when you are looking

Who is qualified to rescue

Especially when the reasons are my own

It’s not fair

Where does harshness and abuse come from

How will it ever leave

There is a power that rescues

A shepherd who leaves the 99 to find the missing

The one who has wandered and is tormented by despair

Armies of Hell may be thundering in your direction

There is a saving standard raised

A place of intersection where Heaven and Earth cross

There is an appointment for deliverance

Holy fire and incense fill the night and day

Your path through the impossible is opening

Never early never late

Eternity’s Gates are opening

Armored guardians pray as Liberation is celebrated

Joy will propel the faithful to a Promised Land


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