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Sunrise Promise

Sunrise Promise

I created this multimedia painting inspired by the sunrise and the power of revelation light that dispels the darkness.

We know, based on our past that the sun has risen each morning throughout recorded history. We project, with Hope that the sun will continue to follow its pattern. A pattern we can “set our watch to”. Every dawn there is a softening of light, that slowly, but steadily, transitions the darkness away, changing the obscure, to the visible. Finally, the sun, itself crests the horizon, with a dramatic presence.

Our Hope, our need to see, even if just dimly, is universal. Sensing the emerging landscape or environment is motivating – we respond, as we engage in recognition, even if it is in an atmosphere we are familiar with. A potential trap is a fixation on what we can’t see, which can lead to fear and or anxiety. This sunrise simile with its focus on the motivational can, if we allow it, at the very least, refresh, and potentially, repurpose, and refill us.

Thank you for your interest in this work of Art. It is available as a print or the original. The Promise poem awaits below.

The Promise

Emerging Light

Silent signatures

Begin their herald runs

Finding ways into dreams and days

Clouds anxiously await the light

Moving and changing

To study them

Exercises senses in the heart

Carried away

Floating with mission

Waiting on the heralds of light

Revealing the direction we all want to know

There all along

Even in blinding darkness

But we can rest in knowing

They are there bringing

Life and rest

See the colors moving through the dawn

Hear the song of the day

There is a dance here

Ready for anyone to step in

Dance deep down

Deep down

Whistling a morning hymn

Sparking the heart

As colors fly by


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